Centering Self through Art

True creativity and artistic expression emerges from the heart & soul as it pours itself upon  it's chosen template in hopes to captivate the self into further expression. True creative process need not be driven by rules, guidelines, and any other self-limiting illusion. As children we understand the freedom of the creative process, as our creations allow the self to express without any judgement. We allow the flow of the moment with a nonsensical joy that becomes the essence of the true artist. That child can be of any chronological age as rules do not apply. 

As parents, caregivers, and ourselves allow the creative process without rules or guidelines, one learns the powerful art of self-discovery through expression. Through this unfettered creative expression people grow into whole, centered, and strong members of society. The child's right to play and express creatively are their literal voice in the world as they learn to navigate the many means of communication and expression. This playful process should always be the personal filter in which we allow creative energy to flow, no matter who or what we are. 

For a child to be given the means to create is a wonder-filled experience for them, one that will set a positive course for life. Do share in this process with your child. There is nothing more satisfying for your child-and your inner child, to sit down with someone you love and just create. 

{Lisa Marie Molinsky}

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