The world is so loud right now. It is hard to know what to do with all this noise invading my thoughts. How to separate the good from the bad and know whats right for me to move forward in the direction of my dreams. Everybody tells you how it is.... everybody else "knows" the right direction for you....
Starting a business reminds me of having a baby. There are people that choose not to have kids, but they sure know how to better parent your child... they arent in your situation but they COULD do it better than you can. You watch your baby grow and it turns out different than you dreamed it would... but its good, maybe even better than you hoped. And then the day comes when you have to let it fly and you pray that you've done enough...
As I am approaching the final week before my studio opening, I am also desperately trying to quiet the voice inside... the one that speaks louder than all the other noise. The voice that says:

I can't do this
I'm not good enough
I'm not smart enough
I don't know enough
This won't work

It can be lonely in this basement with all those words and the chilling reality that I have laid it all out. I'm vulnerable and more naked than I have ever been. The hours and the energy that you pour into the creation of something that there is no guarantee for. And if it fails...accepting those voices to be true, accepting that YOU (alone) have failed and then looking towards what the days of tomorrow bring...

With Nakedness,

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