Hand in Hand

Doing art with your children as they lead the process as often as you can is more important than doing the housework-the housework can wait. It is so very important to share in playtime with our kids, for them as well as ourselves as a caregiver. Keeping a child's excitement alive and wrapped around elements of surprise with new art ideas, ones that will always challenge a child to grow into their own sense of the world, is essential to the well-being and contentment in a child's life. Complete trust and solid bonding is what happens when you join your child in some co-creative time together.

When children are given the opportunity to share their own innovative processes with a parent they translate this as love in action. Kids being able to share this kind of love are truly the most gifted of all. In gifting your child with your time and your willingness to 'play' with them often, you procure the most wonderful excitement for your youngster. Together you can create worlds unseen come to life as you witness their growth in the process. 

These Elephants were created by a child and an adult hand print, detailed minimally yet expressive as can be. Simple art crafts like this one do not cost much and finger/hand/foot paint can be made easily. Here is a recipe you can try at home:


3 tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 cup of cornstarch

2 cups of water

Put everything in a saucepan at low temp. to warm, then add food coloring as desired to create your colors. Place in small, recycled jars. Have fun. 

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